THE GAG IS: Science is a site of anti-Black knowledge production

CW: Violence, Racism, Eugenics, Genocide, Anti-Blackness

One thing that as an academic and an activist that I would greatly appreciate is if folks would stop asking with such a condescending tone as to why I refuse to place my trust in and support the rupture and modernity of Sciences as a place of knowledge. My reasoning lies upon my experiences as a Black-Somali Muslim Woman; not an induction of religiously zealot ideologies that asserts science as false and a disgraceful jab at gods will and creation.

I will not march for science, nor intuitively support its existence until there is an active, tangible admission and trans-formational transaction from the inside-out regarding the ways in which race and in my case Blackness has been conceived within the sciences and thus created a modernity of exploitation and monopolization of a social positioning in which race as a bi-product of science reinforces a system of sociopolitical taxonomies and typologies. Its important to understand that this typology asserts that certain races are borne out of historic theories of zoological science; meaning specific races are a sub-species to whiteness and thus are inferior and must be exploited to sustain the political, philosophical and social excellency of whiteness. This Aristotelian theory of the “Great chain of Being” showcases how racial discourse relays a specific nautical position of difference that punctuates the hegemony of a white supremacist structure and is disguised as biological to sustain the scientific “data” that fuels political, capitalistic and biological tensions of power and privilege. Biology sanitizes and normalizes white supremacy and systemic violence on our personhood. Science has never not been political.

What terrifies me the most is the militant defensiveness by white people of their un-moving complacency in support of science this be all end all that can’t be challenged, unmarked or found as untruthful. The racial supremacy woven into the sciences extrapolates, takes from and creates mythic presumptions of the “othered species” These bodily readings and epistemologies leverage their privilege and authority over us, along with scientific theories of the body in all it’s white man-made “us vs them “deviations” lack a reckoning or explanation of its historic origins based upon the groundwork of eugenics, biological necro-politics and warfare on black/brown bodies. There is no reckoning to create a trans-formative dialogue and oriental shift towards displacing white-centric scientific theory from seeking refuge in the sciences and reproducing these genocidal ontologies of today’s biological modernity.

Sciences are inherently colonial and thus has supported certain projects of imperialism and bioloical warfare that yet again used the bodies of the “inferior other” to eliminate them, and is still under the guise of the scientific method whilst maintaining these horrific traditions. Unfortunately this holds onto colonial and capitalist agendas that still claim that some races have less intellectual capacity and capability due to their neurodiversity? That some races have a higher potential of violent criminal activity, the pathologizing queer-antagonism/Homophobia Bi-phobia/Bi-erasure the ways in which poverty changes brain activity… the list goes on and on.

Thus, race does not exist solely as a biological category that is socially and political charged, but is a politically and socially charged concept disguised as a biological one. science is bound to the historical programing that which fuses positivist and humanist theories of social reproduction into biological reproduction.

The violence of racialization as poignantly captured in Frantz Fanon’s (1967) work and in Cedric Robinson book “Black Marxism” explains how racialized violence is directly linked to the biology of colonization, critical race theory and this has manifested in the corporeality of the body. Skin colour creates a heightened significance of criminalized repository discourse concerning difference –- a discourse that is highly damaging to the psyche and development of the racialized other. For instance, historically, the Black woman’s body is constructed as inferior because we birthed children that were framed as barbaric, and impure, opposed to White women who birthed a nation of peoples seen as civilized, biologically superior, and valorized with status, thus, racialization is a dialectic process. It rests on the centrality of sex, gender, and Whiteness and its normativity and invisibility.

Moreover colonial ideologies assert that the land is naked and ripe for the taking because the bodies that occupy such a space do not hold the social reproductive ideology to exploit and benefit from the land in the what the white-Europeans held a relationally to land and more than human relations.

Thus, Science does not recognize how it has changed the fact that human variation is always existing and ever changing and ever continuous. Rather, this has established a world tethered to sociopolitical layers manifesting into racial variations which asserts that specific cells, skin color, etc isn’t bound to natural variations nor fits what biologist have declared as the normative variation. Rather, race is the perfunctory oppressor that disguises social and political structures of inferiority and superiority as biological. Our bodies in the eyes of science, politics, law, economics etc is to sustain white supremacist capital and existence.

So, if you are going specifically ask BIPOC in the sciences to place their trust in these practices, best believe you must also work to dismantle the capitalist exploitation and creations of racism and racist research in its incredibly taxing and devastating implications that are inflicting harm upon us through acts of devastating biological warfare [ sterilization, creation of diseases, syphillis, mercury, fentanyl and lead poisoning, Tuskegee study etc) the socialized and political racialization of Blackness existing as an engineered distinct difference to the norm and the continued illegal extraction of our cells, our humanism, and our cultural, ethnic and gender fluid epistemologies through eugenics that has caused us so much pain.